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Natural Water Hyacinth Medium & Large Woven Baskets


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We adore these baskets!

Simple, stylish, and super useful, they are a dream to have in your home!

Made from natural water hyacinth, this woven basket has a rigid, structured shape which keeps a nice, neat look. This basket stores all your magazines, towels, clothing, toys, accessories anywhere around the house, de-cluttering your living space or even as the perfect holder for your house plants, it has ALL the uses. How handy. 

Authentic with a contemporary twist, this trendsetting sidekick suits all manner of colour schemes and adds personality to any room of the home, we love the cute circular handles.

- Natural

- Water hyacinth

- Large = 46 x 31 x 35 cm

- Extra large = 53 x 43 x 38 cm

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