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Don't Be A Bellend Enamel Pin


Use this Veronica Dearly pin to remind yourself of the most important task for the day ahead.

A straight to the point enamel pin badge. Did you ever get a blue peter badge? No? Me neither, weird.

But that's all in the past now, time to join a club committed to making the world a better place, one bellend at a time.

This badge constitutes a lifetime membership to Don't Be A Bellend Club, and with it comes a solemn duty to not be a bellend at any time.

The perfect gift for someone that needs a gentle reminder pinned to their denim jacket.

Likewise, a badge of honour for those who manage to not be a bellend most of the time.

Makes a great gift for someone who likes the odd swear word or two, or is an idiot, designed with white enamel in the shape of a shield, with "Don't Be A Bellend" hand lettered in silver enamel & finished in blue.

Comes with a Veronica Dearly white branded backing board.

- White/blue/silver

- Enamel

- 23 x 23 mm

- Rubber fixing

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