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Crisp Linen Diffuser


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Our delicious Melbourne diffuser range smell good enough to eat. Crisp linen has top notes of Lavender and Cedar Wood blended perfectly to bring the fragrance of sun dried linen fresh off the line. The cute coloured glass jar, and bow trim make it look as good as it smells.

Made with the highest quality ingredients, fibre diffuser sticks, and the finest Australian-made fragrances, this diffuser has a minimum 4 month strong cent throw (ours lasted for 12 months in the shop), none of your namby-pamby nonsense here! However we cannot be held responsible if you find yourself drinking this in the middle of the night as it smells so good, oh no.

- Fine Australian fragrances

- Crisp Linen

- 4-12 month lifespan

- Strong scent throw

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