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Veronica Dearly Magical AF Candle


Sometimes we all need a reminder that actually we are magical. We are all crazy skeletons with souls and muscles and eyes and stuff and we don't really spend a lot of time considering how the hell that works. Unless you are a Doctor or Nurse maybe. 

This candle is ready to give you a pick me up, or it would make a lovely gift for someone else that needs a pick me up. Either way, it's here to motivate. 

The front reads 'Daily reminder that you are magical as fuck' sticky note design on a pastel pink background. 

Approximately 50 hour burning time. Candles are 20cl and supplied in recycled glass pot, which is approx 7cm across and 8cm deep.

Candle comes in white packaging, 9cm x 8cm. Natural vegetable wax candle. 

Available in Moroccan Rose.


- Natural vegetable wax candle

- Moroccan Rose

- 50 hour burn time

- 20cl glass jar (recycled)

- 7 x 8 cm

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