Trend Alert - Botanical Homeware

If there's one trend that keeps building, its those fresher than a mother (beep) botanicals! We adore them. Here's a little about this key look, and how we can help you get the look for your home.

Botanicals is purely about embracing the great outdoors, and bringing it into your home in clever little ways. This trend is greatly inspired by the 1970's, but before you raid your Granny's loft, its about re-working ideas, and updating trends in a new and inspired way.

Tropical leaves are king at the mo, bright and bold, but feeling fresh and new! The don being the Monstera leaf (or cheese plant if you are up on your 70's vibe!), these over-sized beasts are everywhere at the moment, and so, so cool. We love their happy shape and simple beauty. Lush banana leaves, botanical vines, and ferns fronds are all key too; mix and match for a jungle overload look.

Statement wallpaper is essential to the botanical trend, massive leaf prints are SO beautiful when up on your wall, you'll be transfixed for days! Check out Murals Wallpaper for the best wallpaper designs you've ever seen! 

What's great about the botanical look is that it can play to both a light, bright, and natural colour palette, or the deep, dark and sultry colours that are also on trend right now. Team with white, earthy tones, and gold highlights for a bright & breezy kitchen, or pair with deep blues, pinks, & aquatic colours for a super luxe lounge.


Green is back in a big way, and automatically promotes a nod to nature. Often unexpected in interiors, it makes a sofa, lampshade or cushion really stand out, especially when in leafy or geometric patterns. Killer.

So how do you work this trend into your home? Easy. You don't have to go all out cheese-plant wallpaper if that scares the bejeesus outta you! Just a little subtle nod here and there should do the trick - a jute rope hanging pot, a gold pineapple hook, a terrarium, a monstera print cushion, some standing pots with a plant in, hell put an artificial plant in if keeping actual nature alive isn't your thing. Here at LLS we've got you covered with botanicals all wrapped up, now show us some big high fives to that.



"Til next time, fellas!

Jodie xx

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