Royal Wedding - Top 5 Party Picks!

Don't know if you've heard, but there's a bit of a do this weekend? Despite being in the shop, I'll have my iPad with me and will be watching to absorb alllllll the outfits, who's who, and who cries (my money is on Harry blubbing a tear or two, whaddya think?).

So we've compiled a Top Five things you need to be royal ready on Saturday! Here's what:


1. Cake.

Obviously. Ain't no party without a little sponge or two, no? Check out Pinterest for amazing recipes for party cakes. If you're SERIOUS about this, and are having a lot of people over, then we love this brush stroke cake, isn't it amazing?! And fairly easy to make, if you're a dab hand with a mixing bowl.


But if that's a step too far, we love this Scandi style simple cake. Sure, its for Christmas, but could easily be adapted to the Royal Wedding with some gold geometric cake toppers instead. We adore these.



2. Royal family face masks

Join in on the special occasion, and style your own Insta stories with these royal family face masks! They're downloadable (is that a word?!) for free, bingo! Just keep it clean please people, no getting too carried away with the poses, no-one wants to see Charles doing that.


3. Big Balloons and A Big Old Backdrop

Balloons are the essence of every party, and kick your Harry & Meg-fest off in style with this rose gold LOVE balloon from Pretty Little Party Shop, who we actually love.

Whilst your there, why not grab this AMAZING gold petal backdrop? It'll set your royal wedding party off in style, and is a total steal at only £14.99! It can be reused for birthdays or BBQ's all summer long. You can of course just whip it out when you need to look your most amazing self for an Insta post, whatever floats your boat really.

4. Alllll the drinks.

Prosecco cocktail anyone? It IS a celebration after all! And it starts at lunchtime, so you know, that's like, officially okay to start drinking. We love these cocktails as found via Pinterest, they're almost too beautiful to drink. Almost.

If Prosecco isn't your thing, then how about we just get straight on the gin instead hey? Its never a bad idea to have a little mother's ruin. The prettiest of all the gins has to be this Manchester Gin, style it up with some cool glasses, plenty of lime, cucumber, apparently some thyme & blueberry; and Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt, yes please to the G&T's!

5. Rose Gold Cake Forks.

If you've gone to all the effort of making gin cupcakes, you can't eat them with your ugly old cutlery now can you? What you TOTALLY need are our Rose Gold Cake Forks, to make your cakes looks beaut, even if they turn out a bit ropey.


So now you're ready to plan your party (quickly!), invite everyone over, crack open the gin and get in the party spirit to watch Harry & Megs say "I do" in style! Just conveniently forget the football is on later.


Jodie xx

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