Mother's Day Gift Guide

As Mother's Day fast approaches (its Sunday 31st March, fact fans!), and you're just not sure what to get the ol' girl. Then fear not friends, we've got you covered with our ultimate Mother's Day gift guide to win brownie points, and beat your brother to be crowned 'favourite star child'. (Yeah, yeah, we know you're thirty, but its still important).

Our handy gift guides covers traditional mums to rock chick badasses, and everything in between. Here's what we've got for you!



Got one that likes to bake, irons your underpants for you, and wouldn't dream of letting you loose in the world without a pack-up filled with snacks and treats (personally, I do NOT have one of these, I can only imagine what this would be like!). Then we've got you covered with these cute cushions, star print mugs (from the star child, geddit?), and cozy throws.



Cushion £15


Throw £25


Cup £9



Alternatively you could go down the 'Home, sweet, home' vibe, and fill this house shaped frame with something you made if you're the crafty type (don't laugh! She'll love it!), or better yet, a photo of all her family so she can put you all up on the wall of fame & admire your beautiful faces every day. Winner, winner.


Frame £12



If you're mum is a badass with a rock chick lifestyle, then we have PLENTY for you to choose from. Channel her inner rebellious streak with our new full-of-sass A4 prints, they're made by new business Anything But Dull, and we adore them!

Print £14

Print £14


Print £14


Frame one up in a surround to suit any budget, and its gallery wall ready! These would be especially great if she's a fan of black or any dark interiors. If you're feeling flush you can get her one of those cool neon quotes that are all over Insta to go with, and THEN you'll be the best daughter ever. Fact.

Photo from @inkanddrop (Instagram)



If your mother isn't the average (errr, hello!), and always done things in her own unique way (including parenting), then we've got your back with some amazing ideas that she'll love. None of your supermartket flowers and cheap chocolates for her, she'll love something with more thought behind it, and something that makes her feel a little more rebellious.

Mug £12.50

Enamel pin £8 


Print £15



If your mum is more the cool interiors type, has a love for Instagram, and buys alllll the home magazines, and spends allllll her time on Pinterest, then we've got some perfect gift ideas for ya. Treat her to something she'd love, like these super cute garland lights. They are both for in and outdoors, and give off a really lovely light, they're honestly beautiful. Great for styling a lounge, dining room or bedroom; or perfect for the decking/snug area, they're a massive 10m long too, so they go a long way (baby). 

Light garland £40


If they're a little over-budget (go halves with your sister?), then how about these cute baskets - perfect for storage, or pop a pot plant in and you're good to go Mother's Day-wise! The cool monochrome colourway, and super cute little fringe trim makes it perfectly on trend, and irresistible to all that see it. So Mum is gonna swoon, fo' sho'.

Basket £10


Sticking with the interiors vibe, and an Insta-worthy gem of a rug will have your mamma gushing over this little beauty. For. Days.

Cool Scandinavian geometric design, cute yellow tassels, this bad boy will rock any lounge, hall, or bedroom; looking good in any space really. A purse friendly price too, plus your Ma will think you've spent loads.

Rug £28


Got little ones that can't be in charge of contactless yet? We hear ya. Buying on their behalf is easy (pleeeeeease don't let them chose, or your poor wife will have some terrible tat only a five year old can love, and have to fake it on Mother's Day. No one wants that, no one). So plant the seed & make the little one think this is their genius choice, and everyone is happy. You're welcome.

Mug £12.50

Start with this Fully Caffeinated mug, because this is the only option when you have little ones, and no sleep, right?

If you'd like to indulge a little more, then she'll love this beauty of a clock - statement, lush colour, just beautiful. And why not add one of our amazing Melbourne candles in the bag too, they have *quite* the cult following for good reason. They smell INCREDIBLE and last for ages. What's not to love?

Clock £55

Candle £20


Looking for a more budget-friendly option? We hear you. How about this lush white cushion. It is the perfect neutral to go with any colour scheme, and has all the details of a MUCH more expensive price than the £15 we have it for. And you'll still have change for a card, yay!

Cushion £15


Our cute little concrete letters are perfect for personalising initials (just hers, or even the whole family - don't forget the dog), or for spelling out words (Mum, love, home, hello, gin - all the faves!). Available to order in dipped black, white, dusky pink, blush pink, or deep blue, there should be something to suit any home.

Letters £4 each


Really going to treat her? Wow, she IS a good Mar! Then look no further than this BEAUTY of a chair! All the retro vibes, but with a modern twist, Mum is going to actually adore this dream bum-parker. Pretty much reckon you'll be hands-down Best Offspring That Ever Lived - officially.

Chair £120


So hopefully we've helped to give a little inspiration? Just message us if you need some help, this is just the very basic gifts ideas, we've got loads more suggestions for you!

Our goods come packaged well enough to gift as standard, and we can help with that in store too if needed. Easy, stress-free shopping for gifts that she'll love, DONE.


Speak soon lovelies!

Jodie xx







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