Last Minute V-Day Panic?

We've got your back this Valentine's day!

If you've left it a bit late this year, or maybe you've spent all your pennies at the pub and only have a couple of quid to spare, don't worry, Team LLS is here to save the day!

Fancy making something yourself? It's probably the cheapest way of showing someone how you feel, and homemade gifts always feel that little bit more special, knowing that someone has put that extra effort in to make something just for you.

Here's a recipe idea for some super quick and easy to make heart-shaped chocolates that will cost you less than a tenner to make!

(Makes 14 chocolates)


♡ 100g White Chocolate

♡ 100g Milk Chocolate

♡ Half a tube of Freeze Dried Strawberry Pieces (You can get little 6g tubes of these from most supermarkets)

♡ Pink Food Colouring

♡ 1 Heart Shaped Ice Cube Tray.


Grab yourself a silicone heart shaped ice cube tray, you can get these in most supermarkets and pound shops (I got mine from as I HAD to have pink ones!)

Melt the white chocolate first. I use a bain marie (a bowl over simmering water) for this, but you can microwave it too, whichever is you preferred method! Just be careful not to burn the chocolate.

Once the white chocolate has melted, add the pink food colouring until you get your desired colour. Less if definitely more for this, so don't go crazy or the chocolate won't set properly! Then stir in the freeze dried strawberry pieces.

Carefully spoon the white chocolate mix into the trays, filling each one half way (a teaspoon is easiest for this). Gently tap the tray on the table as you go so that the chocolate gets right into the corners of the mould, then put them in the fridge to set for about 15 minutes. 

While they're setting, melt the milk chocolate. 

When the milk chocolate has melted, take the mould out of the fridge, and carefully spoon the milk chocolate on top of the white chocolate, again tapping the mould on the table so it spreads evenly, then pop them back in the fridge till they are completely set (about 30 minutes).

Now they're set, you can get your gift wrapping skills on! Anything goes, you can put them in a little box, or a jar, but I always use clear cellophane and a bit of ribbon when I wrap food gifts, it's really cheap to buy and easy to use!

Add a little gift tag to your chocolates with something a little romantic, or a little naughty for you lover, but maybe save the naughty ones for non-public gift giving ;)

There you have it, bish, bash, bosh, a super-cute Valentine's Day gift. Smashed it!



12.February,2018 by Emily Hadland

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