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Our newest new gold belly baskets are cute enough to cuddle (although they might be a little bit scratchy perhaps), but you know, they look BEAUTIFUL! They're practical, AND gorgeous, and that my friends is a win-win situation. Hoorah.

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Product Update - New Arrivals

Product Update - New Arrivals

July has been a busy old month for us, with LOTS of plans happening behind the scenes (you know, world domination amongst a million coffees and suchlike). But its also been busy with lots of lovely new homeware that arrived last week, ready to make your home look fresh as an absolute daisy! Or, you know, quite cool.
31.July,2018 by Jodie Burrows
Interior Trends: Tile You Were Out

Interior Trends: Tile You Were Out

If there's one things we're obsessing over at the moment, it's tiles. Is there anything more beautiful? They can literally MAKE a room, and transform your space into a dream interior even in the smallest of spaces, what a winner!
30.June,2018 by Jodie Burrows
Royal Wedding - Top 5 Party Picks!

Royal Wedding - Top 5 Party Picks!

Don't know if you've heard, but there's a bit of a do this weekend? Despite being in the shop, I'll have my iPad with me and will be watching to absorb alllllll the outfits, who's who, and who cries (my money is on Harry blubbing a tear or two, whaddya think?). So we've compiled a Top Five things you need to be royal ready on Saturday!

16.May,2018 by Jodie Burrows

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